Christian Testimony Video | "Getting Back on the Right Track" | Based on a True Story

June 11, 2020

Chen Guang is a church leader. In order to win the approval and regard of his leaders, co-workers and brothers and sisters, he tirelessly devotes himself to doing the church's work and to supporting and helping his brothers and sisters. His efforts yield some results and, unconsciously, he begins to show off and try to stand out when giving sermons at assemblies. This leads some of the newly joined brothers and sisters to think highly of him and to look up to him, though he has unknowingly set foot upon the wrong path. This goes on until, one day, Chen Guang's co-worker deals with him very sternly, and only then does he begin to reflect upon himself…. How does he finally come to realize that he has taken the wrong path and get back on the right track? What proper path of practice does he find?

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