Christian Testimony Video | "Goodbye to the Rat Race"

August 29, 2021

In her watering duty in the church, the main character sees that Sister Natalie, the sister she works alongside, carries a burden for her duty, is good at resolving others' problems, and is admired by the brothers and sisters. Later, when she's selected as group leader, the main character becomes jealous and begins secretly working to outdo Natalie; she's living in a state of striving for name and gain, and her heart is filled with darkness and pain. By reading God's words and seeking the truth, she gains some understanding of her corrupt disposition and sees that fighting for reputation and status is the path of an antichrist. She prays and repents to God, forsakes the flesh, and puts God's words into practice. Ultimately, she is freed from the constrains of name and status and her spirit is freed.

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