Gospel Movie Trailer | "The Gospel of the Kingdom Reached Our Village"

June 10, 2024

Yilin truly believes in the Lord, and longs for His return. By chance, she sees The Church of Almighty God testifying that the Lord has returned, and she hears light in this, so she arranges for lots of believers from her village to come together to investigate the true way. She doesn't expect that their pastors will begin spreading religious notions, disturbing and hindering them from investigating the true way. But Yilin and the others do not give in, they continue seeking and investigating. The pastors step up the intensity of their persecution, inciting everyone in the village to obstruct and persecute them, even using despicable means to obstruct Yilin and the others from believing in Almighty God. Under such great persecution, what choice will Yilin and the others make?

We hope you'll look forward to the release of the feature film: The Gospel of the Kingdom Reached Our Village.

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