Gospel Movie | "Awakening" (English Full Movie)

March 9, 2016

Lu Xiu'en was a preacher at a house church in China. Believing in the misconceptions spread by religious pastors and elders, she continued to insist that "the Lord Jesus has already forgiven man's sins, and those who believe in the Lord will always be saved. They don't need to accept God's work in the last days." She opposed and rejected Almighty God's gospel of the kingdom time and time again…. However, an unexpected incident gave her the opportunity to discover that her pastor behaved a certain way in front of people, and showed his true face behind their backs, and she was able to see her pastor for the hypocrite he was. It was then when Almighty God's gospel of the kingdom came to her. Witnesses from The Church of Almighty God patiently fellowshiped about and bore testimony to God's work of the last days for her, and after hearing the words of Almighty God, she was able to understand the truth about the difference between being saved and attaining full salvation and realize that the notions she had adhered to earlier were mere figments of man's imagination and do not accord with the reality of God's work. And so, she happily accepted the work of Almighty God in the last days. However, when her pastor learned this, he incited the believers to condemn and abandon her, even getting her family to pressure Lu Xiu'en…. Lu Xiu'en sunk into pain and was at a complete loss. In the end, she was able to understand the truth from Almighty God's words, and she could see that her pastor of the religious world was a hypocrite, an enemy of God who hated the truth with the demonic nature of an antichrist. Lu Xiu'en had awakened completely, and she rejected the deception and control of her pastor. She followed Almighty God, taking the path to pursue the truth and attain full salvation …

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