Christian Testimony Video | "How One Should Regard One's Duty" | Based on a True Story

June 6, 2020

They say that "Those with brains rule over those with brawn," and trying to stand out and be looked up to is what most people seek. The main character in this video is no exception. A former university student, after he finds faith in God, always wants to do a duty in the church that allows him to stand out and win the high esteem of others. When he's given some unremarkable duties to fulfill, he becomes upset and negative, he feels like his status and prestige have been damaged, and he is unable to submit. How does he end up finding the root of his suffering through God's words? And how does he recognize the problems in his perspectives on pursuit, and come to calmly accept every duty he is assigned? If you often find yourself enmeshed in this kind of suffering as well, watch the main character narrate his experiences and see how he overcame it.

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