Sermon Series: Seeking True Faith | Recognizing How the Three Stages of Work Are Done by One God

September 11, 2022

Disasters are getting bigger and bigger, and everyone wants to welcome the Savior in the last days, to gain God’s salvation, escaping disaster and entering the kingdom of heaven. But would you recognize God’s work? Do you know how God performs His work of salvation? If you don’t know how to recognize God’s work, you’re very likely to miss out on His salvation. It’s just like when our Savior the Lord Jesus came 2,000 years ago, expressing truths and doing the work of redemption—the Jewish people did not know Him, and had Him nailed to the cross. For this, they were punished and damned by God. Almighty God has now come in the last days, expressing truths and doing the work of judgment beginning with the house of God to fully cleanse and save mankind. But, seeing that Almighty God isn’t called Jesus and He hasn’t come down on a cloud, members of the religious world absolutely refuse to accept Him, and even madly oppose and condemn Almighty God. They are nailing God to the cross all over again and missing out on God’s salvation of the last days. And so, recognizing God’s work is of critical importance for being fully saved and entering the kingdom of heaven. So then, how does God carry out His work of salvation? How can we recognize that these three steps of work are carried out by one single God? In this episode of Seeking True Faith, we can delve into this together and learn more about God’s work.

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