2021 Christian Testimony Video | "Now I Can Speak From the Heart" Based on a True Story

May 13, 2021

While doing his watering duty in the church, Matthew can’t help but notice that Brother James doesn’t follow the principles for arranging gospel work. However, he doesn’t mention it directly, out of fear of offending his brother. After the leader learns of this, she reprimands James for being wanton and essentially disrupting the church’s work. Matthew feels incredibly guilty. Through reading God’s words and reflecting on himself, he comes to see that by not speaking up about a problem that he saw, he was being a people pleaser and failing to put the truth into practice. He was, in essence, the devil’s right-hand man. Later on, he notices that Brother Michael performs his duty formulaically and hosts gatherings for newcomers by rote. He’s unable to make adjustments in the moment in accordance with the actual situation, leading to poor outcomes. Matthew wants to mention this, but he ends up not saying anything, afraid of what Michael will think of him. It’s not until Michael mentions that there’s a lack of synergy between them that Matthew reflects on himself and, through reading God’s words, he gains some understanding of the root of his being a people pleaser and failing to practice the truth. He also finds a path of practice and becomes able to carry out the truth when he encounters a problem. He becomes to speak frankly when he sees an issue with a brother or sister and help others out of a spirit of love, finally gaining inner peace and equanimity.

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