Christian Testimony Video Based on a True Story | "Indescribable Pain"

October 22, 2021

The main character is a believer who gets arrested by the Communist Party. In an effort to force her to betray God and sell out her brothers and sisters, the police, knowing full well that she has heart problems, cruelly torture and threaten her. They slap her, shock her private parts with an electric baton until she passes out, and then beat her to wake her up to continue shocking her. In the dead of winter, they strip her clothes off and expose her naked back to the freezing wind at the window. They force her to stand in a basin of water and pour cold water on her head. They even rub water on her legs and put a frozen wet rag on her belly. She is tortured to within an inch of her life. In the midst of her pain, she prays to God over and over, and God's words give her faith and strength so that she can survive Satan's ravages and stand firm in her testimony.

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