Sermon Series: Seeking True Faith | Is It True That All God's Work and Words Are in the Bible?

February 25, 2022

The Savior Almighty God has appeared and is working in the last days, and He's expressed millions of words. The Word Appears in the Flesh, a collection of His words, is available online. It has not only rocked the religious world, but the entire world itself. Many people who are thirsty for the truth have seen Almighty God's words are the truth and are God's voice, recognized Him as the Lord Jesus returned, and have come before God's throne. But while many in the religious world acknowledge that Almighty God's words are the truth, they are powerful and authoritative, they still insist God's work and words are all in the Bible and none can be found outside of it. As they think Almighty God's work and words go beyond the Bible, they deny and condemn it, and as a result miss their chance to welcome the Lord before the disasters and fall into the disasters. So, what really is wrong with this idea "God's work and words are all in the Bible, and none can be found outside of it"? This episode will guide you to seek the truth, learn about the inside story of the Bible, and find the answer.

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