2020 Christian Testimony Video | "It's So Nice Being Honest" Based on a True Story

September 5, 2020

The main character in this video is a Christian who would often admit her own faults and shortcomings in job interviews, leading to repeated failures. Under the persuasion of a friend, she pretends to be an experienced expert in an interview and ends up landing the job. In an effort to prevent the boss from finding out her true capabilities, she works extremely carefully and pretends like she knows what she's doing whenever she encounters any difficulties. On one occasion however, she forgets to pay the provident fund. She becomes very upset and racks her brains to try and think of a lie to cover up her mistake. Through the revelation of Almighty God's words, she gains some understanding of her own deceitful nature and comes to understand that it is only by being an honest person that one can be praised by God. In the end, she practices being honest according to God's words and comes clean with the boss about her mistake and the lies she has told in the past. Not only is she not punished, she wins her boss's trust, and realizes that practicing being an honest person in accordance with God's words is a great thing indeed!

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