Daily Words of God: Knowing God | Excerpt 111

March 10, 2021

One Must Not Rely on Experience and Imagination to Know God’s Righteous Disposition

When you find yourself facing God’s judgment and chastisement, will you say that God’s word is adulterated? Will you say that there is a tale behind God’s rage, and that His rage is adulterated? Will you slander God, saying that His disposition is not necessarily entirely righteous? When dealing with each of God’s acts, you must first be certain that God’s righteous disposition is free of any other elements, that it is holy and flawless; these acts include God’s striking down, punishment and destruction of humanity. Without exception, every one of God’s acts is made in strict accordance with His inherent disposition and His plan—this does not include humanity’s knowledge, tradition and philosophy—and every one of God’s acts is an expression of His disposition and substance, unrelated to anything that belongs to corrupt humanity. In man’s conceptions, only God’s love, mercy and tolerance toward humanity are flawless, unadulterated and holy. However, no one knows that God’s rage and His wrath are likewise unadulterated; furthermore, no one has contemplated questions such as why God tolerates no offense or why His rage is so great. To the contrary, some mistake God’s wrath for corrupt humanity’s temper; they understand God’s anger to be the rage of corrupt humanity; they even mistakenly assume that God’s rage is just like the natural revelation of humanity’s corrupt disposition. They mistakenly believe that the issuing of God’s wrath is just like the anger of corrupt humanity, which arises from displeasure; they even believe that the issuing of God’s wrath is an expression of His mood. After this fellowship, I hope that every one of you present will no longer have any misconceptions, imaginings or suppositions as to God’s righteous disposition, and I hope that after hearing My words you can have a true recognition of the wrath of God’s righteous disposition in your hearts, that you can put aside any previous mistaken understandings of God’s wrath, that you can change your own mistaken beliefs and views of the substance of God’s wrath. Furthermore, I hope that you can have an accurate definition of God’s disposition in your hearts, that you will no longer have any doubts as to God’s righteous disposition, that you will not impose any human reasoning or imagining onto God’s true disposition. God’s righteous disposition is God’s own true substance. It is not something molded or written by man. His righteous disposition is His righteous disposition and has no relations or connections to any of the creation. God Himself is God Himself. He will never become a part of creation, and even if He becomes a member among created beings, His inherent disposition and substance will not change. Therefore, knowing God is not knowing an object; it is not dissecting something, nor is it understanding a person. If you use your concept or method of knowing an object or understanding a person to know God, then you will never be able to attain the knowledge of God. Knowing God is not reliant on experience or imagination, and therefore you must never impose your experience or imagination on God. No matter how rich your experience and imagination may be, they are still limited; what is more, your imagination does not correspond to facts, much less does it correspond to the truth, and it is incompatible with God’s true disposition and substance. You will never succeed if you rely on your imagination to understand God’s substance. The only path is thus: accept all that comes from God, then gradually experience and understand it. There will be a day that God will enlighten you to truly understand and know Him because of your cooperation and because of your hunger and thirst for the truth.

Excerpted from The Word Appears in the Flesh

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