Daily Words of God: Knowing God | Excerpt 172

July 23, 2020

3. Sound

The third thing is sound. This is also something that a normal living environment for human beings must be equipped with. Sound came into being when God created everything. God dealt with it very well at the time. This is something very important to God and also for the survival of mankind. If God did not handle the issue of sound well, it would have been a huge obstacle to the survival of mankind. That is to say that it would have had a very significant impact on man’s body and life, to the extent that mankind would not have been able to survive in such an environment. It can also be said that all living things cannot survive in such an environment. So what is this thing? It is sound. God created everything, and everything lives in God’s hands. In God’s eyes, all things are moving and living. God created all things, and the existence of each one of them has value and meaning. That is, they all have a necessity behind their existence. However, among all things created by God, each thing has a life; since they are all alive and moving, they will naturally produce sounds. For instance, the earth is constantly turning, the sun is constantly turning, and the moon is also constantly turning. Sounds are constantly being made in the lives and motions of all things. Things on earth are also constantly propagating and developing and moving. For example, the bases of mountains are moving and shifting, while all the living things in the depths of the seas are all moving and swimming. These living things, all things in the eyes of God, are all constantly, normally, and regularly in motion. So what do the surreptitious propagation and developments and motions of these things bring? Powerful sounds. Apart from the earth, all kinds of planets are also constantly in motion, and living things and organisms on these planets are also constantly propagating, developing and in motion. That is, all things with life and without life are constantly moving forward in God’s eyes, and when all kinds of living things are in motion they are also making sounds at the same time. God has also dealt with these sounds. Why? You should know this, right? When you get close to an airplane, what will the roaring sound of the plane do to you? (Ears will be deafened.) Will it damage people’s hearing? Will their hearts be able to withstand it? (No.) Some with weaker hearts will not be able to take it. Of course, even those with strong hearts won’t be able to take it if it goes on for too long. That is to say, the impact of sound on the human body, whether it is to the ears or the heart, is extremely significant for every single person, and sounds that are too loud will bring people harm. Therefore, when God created all things and after they began functioning normally, God also put these sounds—the sounds of all things in motion—through the appropriate treatment. This is also one of the necessary considerations God had when creating an environment for mankind.

First of all, the height of the atmosphere from the earth’s surface will eliminate and restrict sounds. Also, the size of the spaces between the land, that is, the size of the voids in the soil, will also manipulate and influence sound. Then there is the confluence of various geographical environments, which will also affect sound. That is to say, God uses certain methods to get rid of some sounds, so that humans can survive in an environment that their ears and hearts can bear. Otherwise sounds will bring a huge obstacle to mankind’s survival, and it will bring major trouble to their lives. This is a big problem. That is to say, God was very particular in His creation of land, the atmosphere, and the various kinds of geographical environments. God’s wisdom is contained in all of this. Mankind’s understanding of this does not need to be too detailed. All they need to know is that God’s action is contained therein. God’s creation of all things was indeed for the sake of mankind’s survival. Now you tell Me, was God’s work in manipulating sound necessary? Can you not feel the necessity of God doing this? The work that God did was conducting very precise manipulation of sound. He did this work to maintain mankind’s living environment and their normal lives. Was this work necessary? (Yes.) If this work was necessary, then from this perspective, can it be said that God used such a method to supply all things? God supplied mankind with and created such a quiet environment, so that mankind’s body can live very normally in such an environment, and so that mankind will not have any interferences and be able to exist and live normally. Is this not one of the ways in which God supplies mankind? (Yes.) Was this thing God did very important? (Yes.) It was very necessary. So how do you appreciate this? Even though you cannot feel that this was the action of God, nor do you know how God did it at the time, can you still feel the necessity of God doing this thing? Can you feel God’s wisdom or the care and thought He put into it? (Yes.) Just being able to feel this is okay. It’s sufficient. There are many things God has done among all things that people cannot feel and are hard for them to see. The purpose of Me mentioning it here is just to provide you with some information about God’s actions and so you can get to know God. These clues can let you know and understand God’s actions better.

Excerpted from The Word Appears in the Flesh

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