Christian Testimony Video | "I've Finally Learned How to Fulfill My Duty" (English Dubbed)

September 17, 2020

The main character tends to do things without much care and lacks diligence in her actions. Performing her duty in the church of checking translated documents is no exception. Whenever she encounters difficult or tricky work that requires care and effort, she becomes impatient and muddles her way through it. As a result, errors keep showing up in documents she has been working on, which upsets her and she blames herself. After being exposed and judged by God's words, she becomes aware that her careless attitude is down to the seriousness of her scummy nature, that she considers the flesh in all things and always wants to just muddle through. Seeing how untrustworthy and lacking in dignity and integrity she is, she hates herself somewhat and begins to focus on practicing the truth. Her attitude toward her duty is transformed and she learns to perform her duty with care.

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