Christian Testimony Video | "Learning From Hard Times"

September 6, 2021

The main character, a believer for many years, was imprisoned for his faith, but never betrayed God. After his release, he left his hometown to do his duty and never stopped making sacrifices and expending himself. He was arrested yet again during the novel coronavirus outbreak. He was permitted to be taken home by his family when he was found to have dark spots on his lungs, at which point he learns that his father is seriously ill and his family's source of income is nearly entirely severed. Seeing his family in such dire straits, he can't help but blame God. But through praying and reading God's words, he realizes that everything he had given up was just to gain blessings, that he was conducting transactions with God. He comes to understand that performing a duty is the right thing for a created being to do, and is entirely separate from being blessed or suffering calamity. He becomes willing to let go of his motivation to work for the sake of blessings and do his duty well.

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