Christian Testimony Video | "Learning Through Cooperation" (English Dubbed)

September 3, 2020

The protagonist is a gifted and skilled dancer who always thinks she is better than others and finds it hard to accept other ways of thinking and points of view. When she sees shortcomings in others or sees them making mistakes, she acts coldly toward them and looks down on them, and finds herself unable to work harmoniously alongside others. After being exposed and judged by God's words, she develops some awareness of her own arrogant disposition and begins to hate it, and she comes to understand a little about the truth of working harmoniously with others. When carrying out her duty, she begins to focus on seeking the principles of the truth, consciously putting her own views to one side so she can listen to the opinions of others and draw on their strengths. She begins to make headway in her duty and comes to truly appreciate that carrying out one's duty cannot be done without working together harmoniously with others.

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