2022 Christian Testimony Video | "Learning to Identify an Antichrist"

April 6, 2022

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The main character finds out the person she’s partnered with, Chen, is obsessed with name and status, and when her desire for those things isn’t satisfied, she tends to become negative and petulant, and slacks off on work. But after that passes, she cries and claims to have gained self-understanding. At first the main character doesn’t think much of it, believing that Chen is just young and a little headstrong, but after interacting with her over time, she discovers that no matter what kind of fellowship Chen shares or how much self-knowledge she gains, she never changes in the slightest. Chen even vents her anger in her work and pays no mind to the interests of God’s house, seriously impacting their work progress. And when Chen clearly sees false leaders and workers in the churches, she doesn’t dismiss them, seriously disrupting the work of the church. Faced with Chen’s various behaviors, how does she gradually come to realize that Chen is an antichrist? After that, what does she practice and enter into?

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