2022 Christian Testimony Video | "Letting Go of My Domineering Ways"

March 15, 2022

In hard times, sincerely rely on God and you will find that God’s hand has never left you. Would you like to learn God’s words and rely on God?

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When the church assigns another sister to manage its work alongside her, she feels she can no longer play a dominant role now that she has a partner, but the power is divided; she has to discuss everything with someone else, making it look like she is lacking her own point of view and is incompetent. As a result, she continues to keep to herself in her work and doesn't discuss anything with the other sister. Her authoritarian approach to her duty feels constraining for her partner, and her own state also deteriorates significantly. The main character then begins to engage in self-reflection. What does she learn about herself after reading God's words? Does she cooperate harmoniously with that sister in the end? Find out in this video.

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