Christian Testimony Video | "In Letting Go of Status, I Am Liberated"

September 3, 2021

The main character is doing a duty of leadership in the church. When she notices that Sister Han Jingyi's fellowship is pretty good, even better than her own, she is afraid her own position will be threatened, and starts to work against Han Jingyi. Then by reading the words of Almighty God, she comes to realize that she's always trying to show off in her duty so that others will look up to her, and that excluding and oppressing others for the sake of her own status and power is an expression of an antichrist disposition. This is something that is disgusting and odious to God. She is filled with regret, and prays and repents to God. In her later interactions with brothers and sisters, she is able to accept and submit to their helpful suggestions and no longer fights for her own name and benefit. She realizes that doing her duty without being constrained by status is incredibly freeing and relaxing.

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