Christian Testimony Video | "Letting Go of Status Wasn't Easy"

September 8, 2021

He is a religious leader, leading over 30,000 believers, and then a co-worker shares God's gospel of the last days with him. When he reads Almighty God's words, he recognizes this as the voice of God and sees that Almighty God is the Lord Jesus returned. However, concerned about losing his status within the religious world, he enters into an internal battle and feels very conflicted. At first, he imagines that he'll be able to hold on to his position as a church leader after accepting God's work of the last days, but then he's assigned to the task of spreading the gospel. Not only does he feel unsettled about this, but he finds himself wrangling over name and gain with the brother he's partnered with. He later faces God's discipline—the police arrest him under the pretext of him being a murderer, and beat him to a pulp. Through prayer and seeking, he gains some understanding of his propensity to fight for status and realizes that he's on the path of an antichrist. He becomes willing to let go of his position, submit to God's orchestrations, and fulfill his duty. He also sees that God's chastisement and judgment are entirely for the sake of purifying and saving mankind.

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