Christian Testimony Video | "Liberated From Fame and Fortune"

May 18, 2020

The main character is a church leader who becomes jealous when she sees that Sister Xia, her partner in her duty, shares better fellowship on the truth than she does. She can't help but constantly make comparisons between herself and Sister Xia, and when she can't surpass Sister Xia, she becomes negative, distressed, and unhappy. Through being judged and exposed by God's words, she later comes to recognize that her pursuit of reputation, personal gain and status is wrong. She clearly sees that reputation and personal gain are tools Satan uses to corrupt and bind mankind, that pursuing these things has made her small-minded, selfish, and despicable, and that she's living without any human likeness. She begins to hate herself, then repents to God, lets go of her desire for reputation, personal gain and status, and does her duty in a down-to-earth way. She then comes to feel free and at ease, and she truly experiences that the judgment and chastisement of God is His salvation for humanity.

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