Testimony of Faith in God Video | "Life's Miracles" | A True Christian Story

August 18, 2020

Yang Li, a Christian in The Church of Almighty God, is unlawfully arrested by the CCP police while attending a gathering. During interrogation, as they try to force her to betray God and hand over information on the church, the police suspend her handcuffed from a window grating and repeatedly electrocute her. They handcuff her in front of an open window in the dead of winter and don't allow her to sleep for four consecutive nights, and they force psychoactive drugs down her throat. This brutal, inhumane torture continues for six straight days and nights. She's taken to the brink of death, and ultimately given an 18-month sentence on trumped-up charges. Watch Life's Miracles to see how God's words guide her to triumph over the CCP demons' savagery and stand witness.

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