Christian Testimony Video "Loosening the Ties That Bind" | Based on a True Story (English Dubbed)

June 19, 2020

The main character, a church leader, discovers from a church poll that other brothers and sisters have reported Sister Li to be consistently careless in her duty; they report that she does not accept the truth, haughtily lectures people, and constrains them. The church leader knows very well that, according to the principles of the truth, Sister Li should be dismissed, but she is corrupted and influenced by satanic philosophies such as "Blood is thicker than water" and "Man is not inanimate; how can he be free from emotions?" Considering that they share a hometown and had always been close, she acts according to her emotions, covering for and shielding Sister Li time and time again. Later, only because of the judgment and revelation of God's words, she is able to see the nature and consequences of relying on emotions in her actions. She comes to have some discernment of these satanic philosophies and no longer relies on her feelings when encountering issues, but instead consciously practices according to the principles of the truth.

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