English Christian Song | "The Meaning of the Incarnation Is Completed by Incarnation in the Last Days"

April 29, 2024


The stage of work which Jesus performed

only fulfilled the essence of

"the Word was with God":

The truth of God was with God,

and God's Spirit was with the flesh,

was inseparable from that flesh.

God's incarnate flesh was with God's Spirit,

which is greater proof that Jesus incarnate

was God's first incarnation.

The work of the last days precisely fulfills,

fulfills the inner meaning of "the Word becomes flesh,"

lent deeper meaning to "the Word was with God,

and the Word was God," "the Word was God,"

and it allows you to firmly believe the words

"In the beginning was the Word,"

"In the beginning was the Word."


Which is to say, at the time of creation

God was possessed of words,

His words were with Him and inseparable from Him.

In the final age, He makes clearer

His words' power and authority,

and allows man to see all of His ways—

to hear all of His words.

Such is the final age's work.

You must understand these things through and through.

It's not a question of knowing the flesh,

but of how you come to understand

the flesh and the Word, the flesh and the Word.

This is the testimony that you must bear,

and also that which everyone must know.

Because this is the work of the second incarnation—

and the last time that God becomes flesh—

it fully completes the meaning of the incarnation,

thoroughly carries out and issues forth

all of God's work in the flesh,

brings an end to the era of God's being in the flesh.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Practice (4)

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