2020 Christian Devotional Song | "Bear More Burden to Be More Easily Perfected by God"

August 8, 2020

The more mindful you are of God’s will, the greater the burden you bear,

and the greater the burden you bear, the richer your experience will be.

When you are mindful of God’s will, God will lay a burden upon you,

and then enlighten you about the tasks which He has entrusted to you.

When God gives you this burden,

you will pay attention to all the related truths

while eating and drinking of God’s words.

If you have a burden related to the state of your brothers’ and sisters’ lives,

then this is a burden that has been entrusted to you by God,

and you will always carry this burden with you in your daily prayers.

What God does has been laden onto you,

and you are willing to do that which God wants to do;

this is what it means to take on God’s burden as your own,

this is what it means to take on God’s burden as your own.

When you eat and drink of God’s words while carrying a burden,

you can grasp their essence, find your way, and be mindful of God’s will.

In your prayers, you should wish for God to place more burdens upon you

and entrust you with even greater tasks,

so that ahead of you, you may have more of a path on which to practice;

so that your eating and drinking of God’s words has a greater effect;

so that you grow able to grasp the essence of His words;

and so that you become more capable of being moved by the Holy Spirit.

Eating and drinking of God’s words, practicing prayer,

accepting God’s burden, and accepting the tasks He entrusts to you—

all of this is so that there may be a path before you.

The more the burden of God’s entrustment weighs on you,

the easier it will be for you to be perfected by Him.

from Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs

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