Christian Stage Play "My Days in the Psychiatric Ward" | Based on a True Story (English Dubbed)

April 3, 2022

After Li Aizhen is reported for being a believer and sharing the gospel, a local government official threatens her husband, Yu Zhongmin, that if she continues practicing her faith, not only will she be arrested and imprisoned, but he will lose his job as village chief. Afraid of the legal consequences for her and their own implication, Yu Zhongmin and their sons commit her to a psychiatric ward against her will, hoping to force her into giving up her faith. Even worse, the doctors on the ward insist that she suffers from psychiatric problems without performing any diagnoses or tests, simply because she believes in God. They inject her with psychiatric medications every day and inundate her with atheistic propaganda, trying to force her to deny and betray God. This inhumane torture and cruelty harming both body and mind is incredibly painful for Li Aizhen. Does she stay strong in her faith in the end? Watch My Days on the Psychiatric Ward to find out.

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