Christian Testimony Video | "My Dream of Being a Director" | Based on a True Story (English Dubbed)

June 21, 2020

My Dream of Being a Director is the testimony of a Christian experiencing God's judgment and chastisement. As the protagonist performs her duties in the church, she wants nothing more than to become a director and win others' admiration. She throws her all into this, enduring hardship and paying a price. But after twice experiencing failure and setbacks, it is only through the judgment and chastisement of God's word that she finally understands that her motives in performing her duties were to gain name, gain, and status, and also clearly sees the essence and ultimate peril of pursuing these things. From then on in her duties, she no longer focuses on her status, but pursues the truth in a down to earth manner, gradually freeing herself from the bondage and constraints of name and gain. Finally, she truly experiences that God's judgment and chastisement are His greatest love and protection for mankind.

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