Gospel Movie Trailer | "My Pastor Husband and I"

February 18, 2024

Zhao Xinhui's husband is a religious pastor who is adored and supported by believers, and she and her husband both eagerly await the Lord Jesus's return. One day, Zhao Xinhui reads the words of Almighty God, in which she surprisingly recognizes God's voice. Through seeking and investigation, she determines that Almighty God is the second coming of the Lord Jesus, and she is overcome with emotion, joyfully wanting to tell her husband the news that the Lord has returned. What she doesn't expect is that her husband clings desperately to the words of the Bible and does not at all believe that the Lord will become flesh and return as the Son of man. He states insistently that the Lord will return as a spiritual body descending from the clouds, even spreading religious notions and hindering Zhao Xinhui's investigation and acceptance of the true way. After this, a series of arguments break out between them. Zhao Xinhui becomes increasingly confused; how can her husband understand the Bible so well yet still not hear the voice of God? What surprises her even more is that her pastor husband, who has been so gentle, considerate, and loving in the past, regards the Lord's return with such hostility. Not only does he not seek or investigate the true way, he also spares no effort in preventing believers from welcoming the Lord, even reporting brothers and sisters who spread the gospel of the last days to the police and getting them arrested, and even becoming violent with her. Faced with this spiritual battle within her family, what will Zhao Xinhui choose? Will she be able to stand firm on the true way?

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