Gospel Movie | "Disclose the Mystery About the Bible" | English Full Movie

March 12, 2016

Feng Jiahui is a preacher in a house church in China. She has believed in the Lord for a number of years and has always thought that the Bible was inspired by God, that it must be adhered to in one's faith, God's words do not appear outside of the Bible, and deviating from the Bible is heresy. But in recent years the church has become desolate and believers have become indifferent in their faith, causing her great doubts. No matter how she talks about the Bible she is unable to revive the church…. Until one day a coworker, Brother Yuan, invites witnesses from The Church of Almighty God, and through round after round of intense debates, Feng Jiahui finally understands the inside story and the essence of the Bible. She steps outside of it, follows the Lamb's footsteps, and leads the other believers to turn toward Almighty God.

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