2020 Christian Music With Lyrics - Hymn Collection

June 7, 2020

00:00:00 Christ of the Last Days Reveals the Mystery of God’s Management Plan

00:03:00 You Should Look to God’s Standard to Satisfy Him

00:07:58 God’s Focus Is Man’s Heart

00:12:12 Only God Loves Man Most

00:16:39 God Gives Man What They Need Through Their Cries

00:20:02 The Method and Principle of God’s Work in Humanity

00:24:54 Only Those Who Practice the Truth Can Bear Witness in Trials

00:28:42 God Likes Those With Resolve

00:32:04 God Praises Only Those Who Earnestly Serve Christ

00:36:46 The Judgment of God’s Word Is to Save Man

00:41:04 God Laments the Future of Mankind

00:46:55 Too Few People Are Compatible With God

00:51:15 Only by Living Out Reality Can You Bear Witness

00:55:34 God’s Words Are the Way Man Should Keep

01:00:11 All the Universe Is Brand New

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