English Christian Song | "All Who Do Not Accept God Incarnate Shall Be Destroyed"

May 21, 2024


An invisible and intangible God is loved and welcomed by all.

If God is just a Spirit that is invisible to man, it is so easy for man to believe in God.

People can give free rein to their imaginations,

can choose whatever image they like as God's image

to please themselves and make themselves feel happy.

In this way,

people may do whatever their own God most likes and wishes for them to do,

without any scruples.

What is more, people believe

that no one is more loyal and devout than they toward God.


Man is untroubled by his carefree belief in God

and believes in God however he pleases.

This is one of the "rights and freedoms of man,"

with which no one may interfere,

for people believe in their own God and not the God of anyone else;

it is their own private property,

and almost everyone possesses this kind of private property.

People regard this property as a precious treasure,

but to God there is nothing more lowly or worthless,

for there is no clearer indication of opposition to God

than this private property of man.


It is because of the work of God incarnate

that God becomes a flesh with a tangible form,

and who can be seen and touched by man.

He is not a formless Spirit,

but a flesh that man can see and come into contact with.

However, most of the Gods people believe in

are fleshless deities that are formless, which are also of a free form.

In this way, the incarnate God

has become the enemy of most of those who believe in God,

and those who cannot accept the fact of God's incarnation

have, similarly, become the adversaries of God.


Man is possessed of notions not because of his way of thinking,

or because of his rebelliousness,

but because of this private property of man.

It is because of this property that most people die,

and it is this vague God that cannot be touched, cannot be seen,

and does not exist in reality that ruins man's life.

Man's life is forfeited not by the incarnate God,

much less by the God of heaven,

but by the God of man's own imagining.

The only reason that the incarnate God has come into the flesh

is because of the needs of corrupt man.

It is because of the needs of man, not of God,

and all His sacrifices and sufferings are for the sake of mankind.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Corrupt Mankind Is More in Need of the Salvation of the Incarnate God

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