English Christian Song | "Only Through Hardship and Refinement Can You Be Perfected by God"

May 27, 2024


If you don't know God's disposition,

then you will surely fall during trials,

for you don't know how God perfects people,

by what means He perfects them,

and when God's trials come upon you

and they do not match your notions, you will be unable to stand firm.

God's true love is His entire disposition,

and when God's righteous disposition is shown to people,

their flesh will inevitably suffer much pain.

If you don't suffer this pain, then you can't be made perfect by God,

nor will you be able to devote true love, devote true love to God.

If God makes you perfect,

He will surely show His entire disposition to you,

show His entire disposition to you.


From the time of creation until the time of today,

God has never shown His entire disposition to man—

but during the last days

He reveals it to this group of people whom He has predestined and selected,

and by making people perfect, He lays bare His dispositions,

through which He makes complete a group of people.

Such is God's true love for man.

Experiencing God's true love

requires that people endure extreme pain,

and pay a high price, pay a high price.

Only after this will they be gained by God

and be able to give their true love back to God,

and only then will God's heart be satisfied.


If people wish to be made perfect by God,

and if they wish to follow His will, and fully give their true love to God,

then they must experience much suffering;

they must experience many torments from their circumstances,

and suffer pain worse than death.

Ultimately they will be forced to give their true heart back to God.

Whether or not someone truly loves God

is revealed during hardship and refinement,

during hardship and refinement.

God purifies people's love,

and this is also only achieved amid hardship and refinement,

achieved amid hardship and refinement.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Only Loving God Is Truly Believing in God

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