Christian Testimony Video | "The Pain Brought by Reputation and Status"

September 30, 2021

In hard times, sincerely rely on God and you will find that God’s hand has never left you. Would you like to learn God’s words and rely on God?


After the protagonist is chosen as a watering group leader, she worries she'll lose face and be looked down on if she can't provide insightful fellowship and help solve her brothers' and sisters' problems. She often feels distracted by these thoughts and is even scared to attend gatherings. During one gathering, worried she won't be able to solve her brothers' and sisters' problems, she suddenly gets thrown off and is so nervous she can't think straight. All she can do is provide some forced fellowship based on doctrinal knowledge, but she isn't able to resolve her brothers' and sisters' problems. This makes her anguished and distressed to the point she even considers passing on her duty to someone else…. How does the protagonist rise above her misery, cast off the fetters of reputation and status and achieve spiritual liberation? Watch this video to find out!

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