English Christian Song | "The Path of Belief in God Is the Path of Loving Him"

June 30, 2024


The path of belief in God is one and the same as the path of loving Him.

If you believe in Him you must love Him;

but loving Him doesn't only refer to repaying His love

or loving Him based on the feelings of your conscience—

it is a pure love for God.

If you only use your conscience, you cannot rouse your love for God;

when you really feel God's loveliness in your heart,

your spirit will be moved by Him,

and it's only at this time that your conscience will play its original role.

When God moves man's spirit

and when man has knowledge and is encouraged in his heart,

that is, when he has gained experience,

only then will he be able to love God effectively with his conscience.


Loving God with your conscience is not wrong—

this is the lowest degree of love for God.

Loving by "just barely doing justice to God's grace"

simply will not impel man to enter in proactively.

When people obtain some of the work of the Holy Spirit,

that is, when they see and feel God's love

in their practical experience,

when they have some knowledge of God, have some knowledge of God

and truly see that God is so worthy of mankind's love and how lovely He is,

only then are they able to genuinely love God,

only then are they able to genuinely love God.


Genuine love for God comes from deep within the heart;

it's a love that only exists on the basis of man's knowledge of God.

When people do not have an understanding of God,

they can only love Him based on their own preferences

and based on their individual notions;

this type of love cannot be called spontaneous love,

nor can it be called genuine love, nor can it be called genuine love.

Once a person has an understanding of Him,

it shows that their heart has fully turned toward God,

it shows that their genuine love for God,

genuine love for God in their heart is spontaneous.

Only people of this kind have God in their hearts.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Genuine Love for God Is Spontaneous

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