English Christian Song | "You're Protected Because You're Chastised and Judged"

May 6, 2024


Today, it is because you are chastised, judged, and cursed

that you are given protection, you are given protection.

It is because you have suffered much that you are protected.

If not, you would have long since fallen into depravity.

This is not making things difficult for you intentionally—

man's nature is hard to change,

and it must be thus for their dispositions to be changed.

Today, you do not even have Paul's self-awareness.

You always have to be chastised and judged in order to awaken your spirits.

Chastisement and judgment are what is best for your life.

And when necessary,

there must also be the chastisement of the facts coming upon you;

only then will you fully submit.


Your natures are such that without chastisement and cursing,

you would be unwilling to bow your heads, unwilling to submit.

Without the facts before your eyes, there would be no effect.

You are too lowly and worthless in character!

Without chastisement and judgment,

it would be difficult for you to be conquered,

and hard for your unrighteousness and disobedience to be overcome.

Your old nature is so deeply rooted.

You would not know your place in the universe

if you were placed upon the throne,

much less know where you were headed.

You do not even know where you came from,

so how could you know the Lord of creation?


Without the timely chastisement and curses of today,

your final day would have long since arrived.

That is to say nothing of your fate—

would not that be even more in imminent danger?

Without this timely chastisement and judgment,

who knows how arrogant you would grow,

or how depraved you would become.

You have absolutely no ability to control and reflect upon yourselves.

This chastisement and judgment have brought you to today,

and they have preserved your existence.

Should you not do better in accepting the chastisement and judgment of today?

What other choices do you have?

What other choices do you have?

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Practice (6)

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