Christian Testimony Video | "Rectifying My Motives in My Duty"

August 26, 2021

In this video, the main character is elected as a church leader. At first, she thinks that as a leader, her fellowship on the truth has to be clearer than others', she needs to be able to see into the essence of problems, and she has to resolve any and all problems brothers and sisters face in their entry into life. She feels that's the only way to be looked up to and approved of by others. Her starting point and her motives in her duty aren't correct—she's constantly thinking about upholding her position as leader, she's afraid of not solving others' problems and being looked down on, and she's always really nervous in gatherings. As a result, her fellowship is lifeless and gatherings become less and less effective. Where does the problem really lie? How does she seek the truth to resolve this? And in which of God's words does she find a path of practice and entering in? Watch Rectifying My Motives in My Duty to find out.

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