2022 Christian Testimony Video Based on a True Story | "Reflections on Losing My Duty"

February 27, 2022

When the protagonist first took on a duty in the church, he was determined to do it well to repay God's love. But he started to feel resentful when the work became demanding and it was a bit tiring—he wasn't willing to take any hardship. He cherry-picked easier tasks and shirked the harder ones, and just skated by. He even laughed at those brothers who really threw themselves into their duty. He was pruned and dealt with, but still didn't reflect on himself, thinking that he hadn't done anything to hold up their work. He was eventually dismissed from his duty because he refused to adjust his attitude, and only then did he come before God in prayer, reading God's words and reflecting on himself. What sort of personal understanding did he gain from the judgment and chastisement of God's words? What kind of harvest did he reap and how did it transform him? Find out in Reflections on Losing My Duty.

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