Christian Testimony Video | "Replacing Jealousy With Magnanimity"

August 30, 2020

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The main character, Liuyi, is a church leader. In the course of her work with another church leader, Sister Xiaojie, she speaks well of her to their leader after noticing that Sister Xiaojie is of high caliber and is focused on pursuing the truth. However, when she notices their leader giving Xiaojie training and that others look up to her for being able to resolve brothers' and sisters' problems and difficulties, Liuyi unknowingly starts to become jealous and wants to exclude Xiaojie. She even judges and demeans her behind her back. Through the judgment and chastisement of God's words, Liuyi sees how arrogant and vicious she is by nature, and that she's capable of rejecting others just for the sake of status. Seeing how inhumane and unreasonable she is, she's filled with regret and detests herself. She later lets go of her desire for status in line with God's requirements and practices the truth. As she begins to focus on drawing on Sister Xiaojie's strengths to make up for her own weaknesses in her duty, she gradually gains a sense of relief, and leaves her jealousy behind. She experiences how at ease and upstanding it feels to live that way.

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