English Christian Song | "The Requirements That One Must Meet to Be Perfected by God"

July 8, 2024


If you are truly willing to be perfected by God,

then you'll have the courage to cast aside your flesh,

you will be able to practice God's words,

and you will not be negative or weak.

You will be able to submit to all that comes from God;

whether done in public or in private,

all of your actions will be presentable to God.

If you are an honest person, and practice the truth in all things,

then you will be perfected.

Those deceitful people who act one way in front of others

and another way behind their backs are not willing to be perfected.

They are all sons of perdition and sons of destruction;

they belong not to God but to Satan.

They are not the kind of people chosen by God!

Only if you accept the judgment and chastisement of God,

and care about the transformation of your disposition,

will you be able to set foot upon the path to being perfected.


If you are truly willing to be perfected by God

and to follow the will of God, the will of God,

then you should submit to all of God's work,

without a single word of complaint,

without presuming to evaluate the work of God,

without presuming to judge the work of God.

These are the minimal requirements for being perfected by God,

the minimal requirements for being perfected by God.

The necessary requirement for those who seek to be perfected by God is this:

Act with a God-loving heart in all things.

It means that all of your actions and behavior can be presented before God,

can be presented before God.

And because you have the right intentions,

whether your actions are right or wrong,

you are not afraid to show them to God or to your brothers and sisters,

and you dare to swear an oath,

you dare to swear an oath before God.

You must present your every intention,

thought, and idea before God for His scrutiny;

if you practice and enter in this way,

then progress in your life will be swift.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Those Who Submit to God With a True Heart Shall Surely Be Gained by God

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