Full Christian Movie | "Faith in God 3 – Rise, Those Who Would Not Be Slaves!" (English Dubbed)

May 6, 2020

Meng Changlin, a co-worker with the Three-Self Church, originally thought that believing in the Lord at a Three-Self Church would spare him from CCP persecution. However, after Xi Jinping comes to power, the CCP ramps up its persecution of religious faith, and even the government-run Three-Self Church begins to suffer suppression and persecution; many of their crosses are torn down and churches demolished, and the CCP even begins forcing churches to fly the national flag, sing the national anthem, and hang a portrait of Chairman Xi…. In the face of this CCP persecution, his pastor does not lead believers in praying to seek God's will, but instead obeys the CCP in all things. Meng Changlin believes this completely departs from the Lord's way, and that they have sunk down to become slaves of Satan, the king of devils. He urges his pastor to leave the Three-Self Church and take the house church path, but his pastor rebukes him and stands in his way. It is just at this point that he meets Xiang Zhiheng, a Christian in The Church of Almighty God. Through seeking and fellowship, Meng Changlin is able to see more clearly than ever that the Three-Self policy is simply a CCP strategy to buy time for its plan to completely eliminate religious faith; he sees that when pastors and elders lead believers to obey the CCP, they are resisting and betraying God, and that they are all false shepherds in the service of Satan. At the same time, Meng Changlin comes to understand the significance of experiencing persecution and adversity as part of belief in the Lord, and sees clearly that faith in God under the satanic regime of the CCP requires risking one's life to follow God. He comes to understand that believing in God requires listening to God's words and obeying God, and that one cannot listen to or obey people in God's place. Meng Changlin and the others, through seeking and investigating, see that Almighty God's words are all the truth and the voice of God, and that Almighty God is the returned Lord Jesus! They are beside themselves with joy, and finally break through the bondage and constraints of the CCP's satanic regime and of the false shepherds and antichrists in the religious world. They return before God's throne.

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