Christian Testimony Video | "Rising Up in the Face of Failure" | A True Christian Story

June 15, 2020

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Rising Up in the Face of Failure is a testimony of a Christian who undergoes God's judgment and chastisement. The protagonist was once a lawyer, but after accepting God's work in the last days, she begins to expend herself enthusiastically and is elected as a church leader. With her qualities, she makes some achievements in her duty, but she becomes ever more arrogant, self-important, and dismissive of others. She insists on having her own way in church work, and very rarely discusses things with her coworkers, until finally she causes losses to church work. And yet, amidst severe pruning and dealing, and amidst the judgment and revelations of God's word, she realizes the root cause of her failure and fall, and she finds genuine repentance before God. At a church meeting, she fellowships about this unforgettable experience …

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