2021 Christian Testimony Video | "Set Free by Practicing Truth"

September 19, 2021

When the protagonist saw Zhang Lin, a church leader, arbitrarily suppressing some brothers and sisters by refusing to give God's latest sermons to them, she wrote a letter to report him, sent God's latest sermons to and gathered in fellowship with the brothers and sisters. When Zhang Lin found out, he barred her from her duties and made false accusations against her. This was very distressing for her and because she feared being suppressed again, she stopped helping the other brothers and sisters who were being suppressed. Through reading Almighty God's words, she gained an understanding of God's righteous disposition and realized that she was being too selfish and cunning. She felt really regretful and guilty and so she sent God's latest sermons to the brothers and sisters and started gathering with them again. Once she started practicing the truth she felt much more serene and grounded. Not soon after, Zhang Lin was removed from his position and eventually expelled. She truly witnessed how God's house is ruled by the truth, and she praised God's righteousness.

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