English Christian Song | "God's Believers Should Seek His Present Will"

April 28, 2024


Many people believe understanding

and interpreting the Bible

is the same as finding the true way—

but are things really so simple?

No one knows the Bible's reality.

It's just a historical record of God's work,

and a testament to the previous

two stages of God's work.

It offers you no understanding,

no understanding of the aims of God's work.


All who have read the Bible

know that it documents the two stages

of God's work during the Age of Law

and the Age of Grace.

The Old Testament chronicles the history

of Israel and Jehovah's work

from creation till the end of the Age of Law.

The New Testament records

the work Jesus did on earth,

as well as the work of Paul—

are these not historical records?

If you only understand the Bible,

and understand nothing of the work

God intends to do today,

and if you believe in God

but don't seek the Holy Spirit's work,

then you do not understand what it means to seek God.


If you read the Bible to study the history of Israel,

the history of God's creation of the heavens and earth,

then you don't believe in God.

But now since you believe in God,

pursue life and the knowledge of God,

and don't pursue dead words and doctrines

or an understanding of history,

you must seek God's will of today,

look for the direction of the Holy Spirit's work.

If you were an archeologist,

you could read the Bible—

but you are not, you are a believer,

and you had best seek God's will of today,

seek God's will of today.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Concerning the Bible (4)

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