Christian Song | "The Meaning of God's Work of the Last Days in the Great Red Dragon's Nation"

June 7, 2024


God's incarnation during the last days

in the Gentile nation of the great red dragon

accomplishes the work of God as the God of all created beings;

He completes the whole of His management work,

He ends the central part of His work in the nation of the great red dragon,

in the nation of the great red dragon.

The work of the previous two ages was carried out

according to different human notions,

but this stage completely eliminates human notions,

thereby utterly conquering humanity.

Through conquering the descendants of Moab,

through the work carried out among them,

God shall conquer all people throughout the universe.

This is the deepest significance of this stage of His work,

and it is the most valuable aspect of this stage of His work.

The previous two stages of God's work were carried out in Israel.

If this stage of His work during the last days

were also carried out among the Israelites,

not only would all created beings

believe that only the Israelites were God's chosen people,

but God's entire management plan would fail to attain its desired effect.

During the period in which the two stages of His work

were carried out in Israel,

no new work—nor any work of launching a new era—

was done among the Gentile nations.

Today's stage of work—the work of launching a new era—

is first carried out among the Gentile nations;

furthermore, it is initially carried out among the descendants of Moab,

thus launching the entire era,

thus launching the entire era.


God has shattered any knowledge within human notions,

permitting none of it to remain.

In His work of conquest, He's shattered human notions,

those old, earlier human ways of knowledge.

He lets people see that with God there are no rules,

that there is nothing old about God,

that His work is entirely liberated and free,

and that He's right in all He does.

God works and selects the recipients and location of His work

in accordance with the meaning and purpose of His work.

He doesn't adhere to past rules when He works,

nor does He follow old formulas.

Instead, He plans His work according to the work's significance.

Ultimately, He will attain a genuine effect and attain the anticipated goal.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. God Is the Lord of All Created Beings

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