English Christian Song | "I Will Spend My Life Alongside God's Judgment and Chastisement"

May 5, 2023

Oh God! Your love is a precious thing of beauty;

how could I wish in Satan’s hands to live?

Be under its domain when it was You that made me?

If I can be made pure, and give You all I have to give,

I’m willing to live amid Your chastisement,

for I hate Satan, and won’t live under its dominion.

Through judging me, You show Your righteous disposition;

I have not the slightest complaint and am content.

If I am able to perform a creature’s duty,

I would live my whole life amid Your judgment,

so I’ll come to know Your righteous disposition,

and will rid myself of Satan’s influence.

Though Your chastisement brings me pain,

I won’t live under Satan’s domain.

I refuse to suffer its trickery.

I take joy from living amid Your curses,

and Satan’s blessings make me suffer.

I love You by Your judgment of me, it is bliss to me.

Your chastisement and judgment is righteous and holy;

it’s in order to cleanse me, yet more, it is to save me.

I would live in Your judgment that You may care for me.

I will not live under the domain of Satan.

I wish to be cleansed by You even if I suffer hardship;

I refuse by Satan to be tricked or exploited.

I, this creature, should be used by You,

possessed, judged, chastised, even cursed by You.

My heart sings when You bless me, for I’ve seen Your love.

I am a creature and You are the Creator:

I should not betray You and be used by Satan,

nor should I under its domain live.

Instead of living for Satan, I should be Your ox, or horse.

I’d rather live chastised by You, be without physical bliss.

This would bring me enjoyment even if I lost Your grace.

Even without Your kindness, nonetheless I still feel blessed,

for Your judgment and chastisement are Your best blessing,

Your greatest grace.

from Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs

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