Full Christian Movie | "Stinging Memories" | A Church Elder's Repentance

March 15, 2016

Fan Guoyi was an elder of a house church in China. During over twenty years of service, he always imitated Paul, and worked hard and expended for the Lord with great enthusiasm. Moreover, he firmly believed that in pursuing his faith in this way, he was carrying out the will of the heavenly Father, and that when the Lord returned, he would surely be raptured to the kingdom of heaven. However, when Almighty God's salvation of the last days came upon him, he clung to his conceptions. He rejected, opposed, and condemned God's work of the last days over and over again…. Later, after undergoing several debates with the preachers from The Church of Almighty God, Fan Guoyi finally awakened to the truth, and came to truly understand what it meant to carry out the will of the heavenly Father, as well as how to pursue his faith in a way that would enable him to attain salvation and enter the kingdom of heaven….

Each time he thinks back on who he was in the past, the memories prick at his heart like thorns …

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