Christian Testimony Video | "A Story of Reporting a False Leader"

October 5, 2021

When the protagonist discovers that church leader Ms. Li is skilled at disguising herself in her duties, often shows off, and lies and deceives to shirk her responsibilities when things happen, and that she isn't suitable at all to be a leader, she writes a letter reporting the problems with Ms. Li. Unexpectedly, Ms. Li will be promoted instead of being replaced. The protagonist, now puzzled, wants to write another letter to report Ms. Li, but is afraid of being suppressed and punished by Ms. Li, due to which she feels miserable and conflicted. Through reading God's word, she realizes that she saw the false leader confusing and deceiving the brothers and sisters, yet ignored it to protect herself. In essence, she has condoned the wicked deeds and disturbance of the false leader, which caused her to resist God. She feels very remorseful and decides to continue reporting the false leader. Later, after investigating, the church determines Ms. Li is an antichrist and expels her, allowing the protagonist to see that the truth rules in God's house, after which she praises God's righteousness.

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