Christian Testimony Video Based on a True Story | "Suffering of Great Value"

October 20, 2021

The main character is caught and arrested while delivering books of God's words. While interrogating him on where the books came from, the police use a rubber truncheon that's about a meter long to relentlessly hit his legs, leave him exposed to the scorching sun, and beat him nonstop for four hours during an interrogation. They also get other prisoners to torture him, rubbing laundry detergent into his wounds, splashing water on him, and burning his back with a lit plastic wrapper from a cigarette carton. Through this unimaginable torture, he relies on the guidance of God's words and stands witness. Years later, he is arrested once again while sharing the gospel. The police use electric batons all over his body and beat him until he's foaming at the mouth and loses consciousness. In an effort to force him to divulge information on the church, the police kick him in the ribs, shock him in the mouth, punch him in the head, and lift him up into midair and drop him down seven or eight times. He is tortured until he is hovering on the verge of death. … He undergoes so much pain and torment, but feels in the end that it has all been worth suffering. What does he gain? Let's listen to his story.

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