Christian Testimony Video | "The Aftermath of My Recommendation"

September 9, 2021

The protagonist, a church leader, recommends Sister Wang to partner with her in her leadership duty to meet the demands of the church’s work. After a little while, she sees that Sister Wang takes on a burden in her duty, fellowships on the truth in a practical way, and wins the praise and esteem of the brothers and sisters. She develops a sense of crisis and begins to work against and exclude Sister Wang, impacting the work of the church. Later on, through the judgment and revelation of the words of God, she realizes that she is living by the satanic poison of "There can only be one alpha male," and revealing an evil, malicious satanic disposition. She prays and repents to God and, within the words of God, finds a path of practice. Her corrupt disposition undergoes some changes. How does she change? Let’s watch and find out together.

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