Daily Words of God: The Incarnation | Excerpt 137

March 27, 2021

When God comes to the earth, He only does the work of divinity. This is the heavenly Spirit’s commission to the incarnate God. He comes only to go everywhere and speak, to utter His voice in different methods and from different perspectives. He primarily holds supplying man and teaching man as His goals and working principle. He does not concern Himself with such things as interpersonal relationships or the details of people’s lives. His main ministry is to speak for the Spirit. When God’s Spirit appears in the flesh tangibly, He only provides for man’s life and releases the truth. He does not get involved in man’s affairs, that is, He does not participate in the work of humanity. Humans cannot do divine work, and God does not participate in human work. In all the years of God working on this earth, He has always used people to do His work. But these people cannot be considered God incarnate; they can only be considered people used by God. But the God of today can speak directly from the perspective of divinity, send forth the Spirit’s voice, and work on behalf of the Spirit. All those people whom God has used over the ages similarly have God’s Spirit working through their bodies, so why can’t they be called God? Today’s God is God’s Spirit working directly in the flesh, and Jesus was also God’s Spirit working in the flesh. These latter two are called God. So what’s the difference? Throughout time, the people whom God has used all have normal thought and reason. They all know how to conduct themselves and handle life’s affairs. They hold normal human notions and have all the things normal people should have. Most of them have exceptional talent and innate intelligence. In working through these people, God’s Spirit harnesses their talents, which are their God-given gifts. It is God’s Spirit that brings their talents into play, using their strengths to serve God. However, God’s essence is notion-free and thought-free. It does not incorporate human ideas and even lacks what humans normally have. That is, God does not even comprehend the principles of human conduct. This is how it is when today’s God comes to the earth. He works and speaks without incorporating human ideas or human thought, but directly reveals the original meaning of the Spirit and directly works on behalf of God. This means the Spirit comes forth to work, which brings in not even a bit of man’s ideas. That is, the incarnate God embodies divinity directly, is without human thought or notion, and has no understanding of the principles of human conduct. If there were only divine work (meaning if it were only God Himself doing the work), God’s work could not be carried out on earth. So when God comes to earth, He has to have a few people He uses to work in humanity in conjunction with His work in divinity. In other words, He uses human work to support His divine work. Otherwise, man would be unable to come into direct contact with the divine work. This is how it was with Jesus and His disciples. During His life Jesus abolished the old laws and established new commandments. He also spoke a lot. All this was done in divinity. The others, such as Peter, Paul, and John, all rested their subsequent work on Jesus’ words as its foundation. That is, God was doing launch work at that age, ushering in the Age of Grace. He brought in a new era, abolishing the old, and made the words “God is the Beginning and the End” come true. In other words, man must do human work on the foundation of divine work. After Jesus said everything He needed to say and finished His work on earth, He departed man. And people after Him worked according to the principles in His words and practiced according to the truths He spoke. These were all people working for Jesus. If it were Jesus alone doing the work, no matter how much He talked, people still would not be able to come into contact with His word, because He worked in divinity and could only speak divine speech. It was impossible for Him to explain things to the point where normal people could understand His word. So He had to have the apostles and prophets who came after Him supplement His work. This is the principle of how God incarnate works—using the incarnate flesh to speak and act so as to complete the work of divinity, and then using a few or more people after God’s own heart to supplement God’s work. That is, God uses people after His heart to shepherd and water in humanity so that every person can receive the truth.

If God only comes into the flesh and does the work of divinity without additionally having a few people after God’s heart cooperating with Him, then man would be unable to understand God’s will and unable to be in contact with God. God has to use normal people after His heart to complete this work, to look after and shepherd churches, so that man’s thinking and man’s brain are able to imagine God’s work. In other words, God uses a few people after His heart to “translate” His work in divinity, to reveal it, that is, to transform divine language into human language, so that people can all comprehend it, all understand it. If God did not do so, no one would understand God’s divine language, because the number of such people after God’s heart is, after all, small, and man’s ability to comprehend is weak. That is why God chooses this method when working through the incarnation. If there were only divine work, man would be unable to know or be in contact with God because man does not understand God’s language. Man is able to understand this language only through the use of people after God’s heart to clarify His words. However, if there were only such people working in humanity, it would only be able to maintain man’s normal life; it would not be able to transform man’s disposition. God’s work would not be able to have a new start; there would only be the same old songs, the same old platitudes. It is only via the incarnate God saying all that needs to be said and doing all that needs to be done at the flesh level, and people after Him working and experiencing according to His words, that their life disposition is able to change and they are able to flow with the times. He who works in divinity represents God, while those who work in humanity are people used by God. That is, the incarnate God is substantively different from the people used by God. The incarnate God can do the work of divinity, but the people used by God cannot. At the beginning of each age, God’s Spirit speaks personally to launch the new era and bring man to a new beginning. When He finishes His speaking, it signifies that God’s work in divinity is done. Thereafter, people all follow the lead of those used by God to enter life experience. Similarly, in this stage God brings man into the new age and gives everyone a new start. With this, God’s work in the flesh concludes.

Excerpted from The Word Appears in the Flesh

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