Christian Testimony Video | "The Only Way to Live Like a Real Person"

August 4, 2021

The main character owns a hair salon. At first, running her business honestly is important to her, but when her father later becomes ill and she needs money, she starts going along with societal trends, and begins to cheat and lie to customers. She does make some money this way, but she always feels guilty and has a sense of emptiness and unease. Still, she can't get herself to stop. After accepting Almighty God's work of the last days, through reading God's words she comes to understand that God delights in honest people and detests deceitful people, so she begins practicing telling the truth and being honest. But faced with the temptation of money, she once again lies and cheats customers, leaving her feeling guilty and regretful. By seeking the truth and reading God's words, she gains some understanding of the root of her lies and tricks, and she finds a path of practice in God's words. She stays firm in putting God's words into practice and being an honest person and is able to experience the joy of being a straightforward, upright person.

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